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School Management System


School administrative problems could be hard to tackle, especially when you are doing manually.School Management Software is an administration tool for educational institutions. This classification comes from the fact that this type (or category) of software aims to help educational organizations in their daily routine, by automating administrative tasks. “School management software” is also known as a “School management system” or a “Student information system”. These systems provide functionality from applications and class enrollment to detailed performance monitoring and financials.
School Management Software specially designed to fulfill all requirements of educational institutes that include schools, colleges, and academies. It is secure, reliable, and same time has a user-friendly Interface so the use of this software guarantees to reduce the time from days to minutes with high quality and easy to accessible history of all actions.We can develop an education management system according to your needs and wants. Our professional developers are aware all the hurdles an institution faces, therefore, they build compatible software that meets your demands.


Webs Fine School Management Software, you can get connected with all the departments of your school and it becomes easy to exchange and share information. From teachers to students and even parents, our software provides optimal solutions to all the problems.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly reports detailed and attractive designs are available on a single click.


Attendance for both staff and students can be taken by using this School Managment software.


By Using School Managment Software you can manage classes, sections, periods, class routines, class, period and subject.

Fee Managment

It helps you manage monthly and occasional fees collection, fee assignment, arrears, challan, and voucher creation same way security and fine.

Students Reports

By using School software you can manage Student Registration, Admissions, Attendance, Classes, Sections, Id cards and guardian management.

Expenses Reports

You can manage all expenses easily, system allow you to create multiple categories and heads to differentiate expenses.

Salaries Setup

Staff salaries/payroll allow you to manage all type of allowances, salaries, penalties, loans and installments with complete reporting.


School Software Manage all the Examination System. It helps to manage the examination system and secured ll Student data.


School Software System manage also learning system in Schools . It manage all the Updates about Subjects and corces.