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National Tax Number (NTN)

Do you need NTN ?

WebsFine can create for you National Tax Number. National Tax Number (NTN) is necessary for the Business needs. When we are starting Online Business.A person having NTN have the following advantages: When any person gets the NTN, he/she become the assessee and have to file the annual Income Tax Return before the Income Tax Department. ... The NTN holder and income tax Payer can get many advantages from the Government about his business and individual too.

If you need this NTN or National Tax Number then Websfine will be your Best choice. You can Contact Us at any time for the NTN registration on FBR. We can create or register it for you at low price/charges.

why ntn is necessary ?

NTN is necessary for both salaried and business individuals. NTN is required for filing of income tax, being a non filer you attract high/increased withholding tax rate on banking transactions, vehicle purchase, property transactions and vehicle token.

Gives the income to the Government, he/she has to register himself/herself with the FBR and get the National Tax Number (NTN).If the NTN holder is businessman, his business become more agreeable and he/she can get many business benefits and NTN give power to the business.

Other people have full confidence on that person ,having NTN Number.They become happy with them and exited to do Business with him/her.They liked his/her loyality and honesty with his/her work.

The NTN holder and income tax Payer can get many advantages from the Govt. about his business and individual too.He/her can get benefits at different stages having NTN. He can become a member of many good Business branches and get many advantages of the different Business branches.

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