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About Branded SMS

Branded SMS at Affordable Price

Branded SMS are the gretest need of todays. In the past Branded SMS used in International/Multinational/National companies, Banks, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Supporters, Schools, Offers alerts, Billing alerts and much more. Now Branded SMS mostly used for Promotions of Business products. Branded sms put direct effects on customer's choice and helps in fetching the customer to your shop/office.
Webs Fine leading Branded SMS Company in Pakistan.We offer Branded SMS at low rates of Pakistan.Every one how want to bulid up their Business,They needs to start SMS campaign of their business/products promotions for that Webs Fine would be your best choise.


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People want to know

Yes messages always recived on recipient number from your Comany name instead of your Phone Number. .
Yes you can send messages in English,Urdu/Arabic Language.
160 Character consider one message and only one SMS credit will be deducted .
Yes Brand name Approval is most important and its compulcory to approved from all networks.
NO, Nothing any documents needed for Mask Approval.
Six working days required for mask approval.
Message will be received on ported mobile numbers.

Why Choose Branded SMS?

Unlike the unknown number on the display, sending an SMS under the company name is how you can be instantly recognized and trusted. And branded SMS marketing service is created exactly for this purpose.

The main purpose of branded SMS is to legitimate and verify your communication with the customer, confirming that SMS has been sent from a trustful source. Being a part of the SMS marketing strategy, it helps to describe the purpose of communication - customers actually see why they have received a text message, besides, already recognizes your brand and trusts the sender

There are some aspects that make branded SMS

  • Branded SMS can raise brand awareness (even worldwide).
  • Branded SMS gets higher engagement.
  • It's not usual, the customer pays more attention.
  • Customer will trust your words.
  • It is a secure solution often used by banks.
  • End-users are empowered to act with confidence.
  • Customers are encouraged for high-value communications.
  • You can restore lost trust and reach millions of new customers.