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DMD Softbal Radius Manager

Branded SMS DMD Softbal Radius Manager

DMA Radius Manager is a easy to use administration system for Mikrotik, Cisco, StarOS, Chillispot, DD-WRT, pfSense NAS devices and DOCSIS CMTS. It provides centralized authentication, accounting and billing functions.

With DMA, the CPU first initiates the transfer, then performs other operations while the transfer is in progress, and finally receives an interrupt from the DMA controller (DMAC) when the operation is complete. ... Direct Memory Access can also be used for “memory to memory” to copy or move data in memory

DMA SOFTLAB Radius Manager SMS API has a very nice feature of SMS notification for Before Account Expiry SMS / Email We Suggest that must Your DMA Softlab Radius Manager SMS API feature It will make your service more attract-full for your users.

With Instant Access Services users can purchase Internet access codes online. IAS payments are realized with the help of online payment gateways (PayPal,, SagePay etc.).

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DMA Softlab RM SMS Plugin Features

  • Connect your radius manager using WinSCP FTP client with Radius IP address and login detail.
  • Edit able file with Notepad or any Text Editor.
  • Download Able file. This is ready made sms script.
  • DMA Rdius Manager Billing System
  • Prepaid and postpaid billing, invoicing.
  • Online payment gateway support (UBL Bank etc.)
  • Connection Tracking System (CTS), Wireless and DOCSIS signal monitoring
  • Automatic expired account disconnection (RADIUS, DOCSIS)